Have you seen……

Have you seen the show Orange is the new black? If not, then I think you should give it a go. I think it´s really funny, and a kind of different from a lot of other shows. Also, it´s both for men and women. I´ve have seen the first couple of episodes with my brother, whom also were the one to introduce me to the show.

It´s from summer this year, on it´s first season, of cause, so it´s easy to catch up on. It´s on Netflix. Go watch it. Every episode lasts for about 50-60 minutes, and it´s good. Taylor Schilling have the lead role, I didn´t know her before this, but I think that she is perfect for this role. Besides her, Jason Big (The American pie movies) and Laura Prepon (That ´70s Show) is in the show, and a lot of other people, but they are really the only two that I know who is.

IMG_8832A picture of my breakfast really have NOTHING to do with anything, just wanted to say (and show) how much I truly appreciate the fact, that you can go out in the nature and find blackberries. They look more red in the picture than they did in real life. Oatmeal with blackberries, a wonderful start at my day. Have a great day everybody.

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