Strawberry sorbet, with vanilla and lime

IMG_8743Yummy strawberry sorbet, with vanilla and lime. It´s also a little late on the season for this recipe, at least if you live i Denmark like me and you want to make it with fresh Danish strawberries. The Danish strawberries is pretty much on there last breath this summer, but I´m sure that they will return next year. Until then, you can use either strawberries that ain´t from Denmark, frozen strawberries or then I know that you can buy strawberry puree and use. However strawberry puree is often filled with sugar, so you need to know how much sugar there are in it, so that you can put less or nothing in, when you are making the ice cream. However, I don´t know where you can buy it.

But if you have fresh strawberries, then that is after my opinion also the best, and with fresh strawberries, you need:

500 g of strawberries

1 lime (if you prefer lemon, then use that instead)

125 g of cane sugar

1 vanilla pod

Scarpe the vanilla grains out and mix it in a pot with the sugar and 2 dl water. Let it simmer until you have a vanilla syrup. Let it cool down.
Grate the zest of the lime and squeeze it. You might want to chop the peel a little, makes it easier to get it well blended.
Rinse the strawberries, cut them in smaller pieces, and put them in a bowl. Pour the lime juice and the zest over the strawberries, and let it stand for about 30 minutes before you blend it. If you don´t blend it so well, there will be small pieces og the peel in the finished icecream. They can feel a little like very small pieces of plastic or paper, so it´s best to blend it very well. I personally don´t mind it, but it is a bit smoother if you just blend it well.

When the syrup is cold, you have to mix it, with the strawberry puree. Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

When it´s cold, you can put it in your ice machine, or if you don´t have an ice machine you can just put it in the freezer, but then you will have to stir in it with a fork a couple of times the first 1 1/2 hour.IMG_8740IMG_8750

Strawberries is always an essential part of my summer. I love all of the fresh vegetables, fruit and berries of the summer. Remember that the season of blackberries is about to start, and there is lots of places you can find them, even in Copenhagen.

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