Long time, no see!!!

IMG_8285I took this Picture of Aller Media-house, at Havneholmen in Copenhagen about a month ago. It´s the glass facade that you can see from Islandsbrygge. I think it looks like it´s floating in the sky, because of the sky´s reflection. 

I haven´t posted anything in a very long time. I just couldn´t decide what excatly I wanted with my blog. There is quite a lot of things that I want to change, but I think that it´s going to take me quite a while, so therefor, i´m going to make the change over time, and hopefully I will figure it all out, soon.

In the time that have passed where I haven´t posted any thing, I have still experimented in my kitchen, and I have especially experimented with new things. Quite a lot of it, did NOT go very well. A few things turned out really bad, but the most of it was just boring and just not good enough.

I did however make a to die for good cherry pie (only if you love cherries, that is)and a good strawberry sorbet with vanilla and lime, cold brewed coffee for Ice coffee, my favorite brownie and a couple of other delicious things. Among the things that did not go very well, was a lot of not very good macaroons. I forgot about the first portion when they were in the oven, they turned out very burned, and so did the second portion. My oven really is the one to blame, not me, hahaha. I did however make the most delicious cherry ice cream with white chocolate and served with tarragon syrup. It was heaven. By the way, I have NEVER heard the word tarragon before. It´s called estragon in Danish, and I really thought it was somewhat more similar on Engish.

By the way, I hope that everybody have had a great summer. I for one, can´t wait for winter to arrive. I really don´t function in this weather. I do like it when it´s hot, but only when I´m out traveling, not at home. The perfect weather in my head, is when it´s just warm enough to cycle without gloves and without freezing your fingers off. Also I prefer skiing vacation any day over summer vacation.

Besides cooking and fucking up every macaroon I have tried to make this summer, then I´ve been dogsitting for my uncle and aunt for a week.

I´ve been taking care of this beauty:IMG_8314IMG_8367Don´t let her cuteness fool you, she is NOT so innocent as she looks like.

On the bottom pic, she is hoping to get some of the food I was cooking. I was baking, and she continued to stare in a very hungry way on the raw dough, she will eat anything. I´m NOT a dog person, sure they are sweet, from a distant, but they smell, and drooling and they are dirty and I´m just not a fan, but you know, you gotta help your family.

Otherwise I have been doing a lot of completely other things, like rowing, and a lot of it. My palms hurts 😦 And I´ve been taking a lot of Pictures. I´m planning to post a Cherry Pie recipe tomorrow, so stay tuned, and please follow, then I promise that I will start posting A Whole LOT MORE.IMG_8247I also took care of these two cutie pies. Them I just adore. So so cute. IMG_8021IMG_8147Mercedes, she isn´t fat, she´s just big boned.IMG_8078IMG_8549IMG_8309IMG_8408I am however a cat person. And this one is one of my favorites. Beautiful Kafka.IMG_8542And this one too. This is Shiva, who is patting the compost heap. She believes that that is what you do to make the compost turns in to soil again. Cats logic.

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