Easy & simple pea soup

IMG_7406Pea soup is really easy to make, and the good thing about is, is that you can keep it as simple as you want, or beat it up a nod and make it more fancy. This recipe is very straight forward, fast and easy to make. And it´s also pretty cheap. I would normally use it as a starter, but that´s mostly because I´m not a big fan of eating these kind of soups (these kind=soups that are blended) as a main course. If you use it as a starter, this portion is for about 3-4 persons, as main course only for 2. I did however eat this as a main course with thinly sliced, toasted rye bread.

500 g of peas (use the small once, the big one tends to be kind of mealy.

3 dl of water with broth

1 lime

1 red onion

a clove of garlic

1/2 dl whipping cream

bacon or panchetta

pine nuts (or the kind of nuts you prefer)

a little olive oil

IMG_7425Start with cutting the onion and garlic, and fry it in a pot in olive oil. Star with the onion and fry until it´s glass clear and then add the garlic and fry a little more. Then you add the peas and let them fry for about 2-4 minutes. and the broth water and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. After that, you blend it (I think it´s easiest to use a hand blender). If you serve it with pine nuts and bacon or panchetta then fry it now. Start with the pine nuts. Also roast your bread now. In the mean time, add the cream and the lime to your soup, warm it very quickly and serve the soup with bacon/panchetta, nuts and some bread. I also served it with a little creme fraise on the top, but you can easily do without. IMG_7413I prefer rye bread over white bread, but make sure to buy some really good bread from a good bakery and not some from the supermarket. I used pumpkin rye bread. IMG_7407Blend the soup good through, so it becomes soft and creamy.IMG_7400Do NOT try to use lemon instead of lime. I did that once, where I was out of lime, it it does not give the same kind of acid to the soup. I think it becomes too sweet then. The lime gives it a more fresh edge.

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