Family birthdays

IMG_7337I consider my self, for being quite lucky, when it comes to family. I think that I have a pretty big family. Not like insanely big, but pretty big. And by december there will be two new family members joining.

The both up and down side about having a big family, is that there often is family birthdays. Sunday I was out with my grandma and the rest of my moms family to have lunch, because my grandma turned 76. We was eating lunch at Rungsted havn(a harbor north from Copenhagen). IMG_7339My lunch: Scallop and prawns in pea puree and teriyaki sauce. It was soooo good. I´m a huge fan of seafood, especially mussels and that sort of seafood. IMG_7341IMG_7343IMG_7344I´ve always lived really close to the ocean, And when I was younger, my mom´s ex- husband had  a boat. He actually still does, but we used to sail in it, in the weekends, when they were together, so I used to go sailing a lot more, than what I do now. I still go sailing with him sometimes though. I have a strange hate/love relation with the sea. I´m terrified for sharks. And yes they are really dangerous, but we don´t really have any sharks in Denmark, so my fear is kind of stupid. I don´t like that I can´t see what´s in the water, but I´m also fascinated by it. Anyway, I love it. When I was a child, we have a huge boat in my dad´s garden. He wanted to renovate it and then sail around the world. It never really happened, though it could have been fun, but probably also really hard. IMG_7363Yesterday my cousin Jacob turned 15, so I went to his 15 years evening birthday with cake, coffee and wine. He baked these cakes him self. For a 15 year old boy, I gotta say that he is awesome in a kitchen. These are small mazarin cakes. They were really delicious. IMG_7364IMG_7365And my aunt made these really delicious orange, carrot cakes. IMG_7385With whipped cream with ginger in it. So good. I have to get the recipe for both and try to bake them myself, soon.IMG_7371And she baked good birthday bread buns with butter and strawberry/champagne marmalade, yummy. IMG_7374And their cute dog, Fleurie. She is named after a wine district in france. Very fancy. IMG_7359And raspberry soda.

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2 Responses to Family birthdays

  1. A+K = says:

    Sikke hyggelige billeder, havneudsigt holder altid – og fedt med den unge fødselar i køkkenet – kagerne ser lækre ud!

    – Anne

    • mixthetape says:

      Mange tak 🙂 Jeg værdsætter virkelig også at have en fætter der er glad for at kokkerere og kagerne var vildt lækre. Ha en god weekend!
      – Line.

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