Chocolate goodies

IMG_7326At easter I experimented a bit, but a lot of it never came up on the blog. A while ago I decided to use the rest of sweet goodies from easter, and these hazelnuts covered with nougat and chocolate and sprinkled with a little organic orange peel, was one of the goodies, that I ended up with.

I think that I might have mentioned this before, But I love hazelnuts. They are one of my absolutely favorite foods to eat. Though it have to be the one that you crack your self. The once you buy, where they are already cracked, are almost always small, and kind of dry and often they are also bitter. That, I do NOT like. The once you crack yourself are bigger, and more juicy and not bitter at all. I ONLY use them, though it is a little irritating, that you have to use time with cracking them, but the good thing is, that you may not, eat as many. Nuts is healthy, but with everything else, then only in moderate amounts. IMG_7319

These are very simple to make, but I don´t have the exact amounts of any of the things that I used, or any thing close to that, but it really isn´t necessary.

1 bag of un-peeled hazelnuts


Dark Chocolate

1 organic orange

The orange have to be organic, so that you can use the peel. Also chose a good chocolate. I used Manjari 64% cocoa from Valrhona. Also, always use good produce. I used a organic nougat, that only contains organic raw sugar, organic hazelnuts, organic cocoa mass and cocoa butter. It´s from Økoladen, but you can also buy it in Irma and maybe other places. But it´s really really good. I really prefer to buy less, but buy better products.

I started with putting the hazelnuts in the oven for about 5-10 minutes at 200°C, to get the peel of. But you can also leave it on, if you prefer. Then covered the in nougat. Keep the nougat in the fridge, before use. Otherwise it will get warm and way too sticky and impossible to get to stick on anything other than your fingers. Then put them back in the fridge for 30 minutes. Just so that the nougat is cold and don´t stick to your fingers. Then temper your chocolate and roll the nuts in the chocolate and sprinkle with orange peel before the chocolate stiffens, so that it can stick on. And then you have hazelnuts chocolate goodies. IMG_7336To be honest, then I think this is way more christmas bonbons, but I didn´t want to keep the nougat until christmas and didn´t know what else to use it for, also I would just have eaten it raw, if it had to stay in my fridge for that long. Then again, I also love to eat ice cream in the middle of winter. Who cares about seasons anyway.

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