The everyday lovely small things and mostly cake.

IMG_4674I was looking through all of my pictures and found quite a lot of pictures, that I at the event took to put on the blog, only to later on forget all about them. This is a picture from the 2 or 3 february, when my moms husband had a birthday party. My mom had made three different birthday cakes, this one is one with chocolate ganache. I´m thinking about making something similarly for my own birthday next month. IMG_4668I think the one in the middle is with blueberries. IMG_4664I was still wearing 2 pairs of socks. The thick red/pink wool socks is a pair my grandma made for me. IMG_4653And for some reason I also took a picture of the sand, that day. I love the shadows in the sand. IMG_5938I also ate cake with a friend of mine.IMG_7291And I tried to make flødeboller (Cream buns???) for the third time. And I failed again, again, again. But the bottoms are very good.IMG_7274I made fudge with licorice and white chocolate (It will get on the blog soon).IMG_7314And yesterday I went out with two of my friends (whom I study with) to eat cake, talk and shop(I only bought cake and coffee). By the way, then this was a REALLY GOOD cake. We went to Hotel Chocolat, which is not really a hotel, but it is a good place to buy chocolate. This was a cake with nuts(hazel nuts) and chocolate ganache on the top. Very delicious. I love cakes with a bottom or a dough filled with nuts.

Have a really good weekend everybody.

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2 Responses to The everyday lovely small things and mostly cake.

  1. andmorefood says:

    what are flødeboller? google says they are some sort of marshmallow-topped treat! also, if you plate them up, and grate some chocolate over – and tell people to eat it with a fork as a deconstructed flødeboller, I’m sure it’ll go down a blast!

    • mixthetape says:

      Flødeboller is this candy thing we eat in Denmark. It´s made of a bottom, I used baked marzipan bottoms and then you put the white thing on. That is made of egg whites and sugar and glucose. You whip the sugar egg mass very stiff. So that it stays in place when you put it on. It kind of have to be full of air. And then you top it with chocolate. And when the chocolate is stiff, you can eat it. I LOVE flødeboller, and I will continue to try and make them. But it´s not like marshmallows. The consistency is very different, I think.

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