Small banana pancakes

IMG_7300As I mentioned before, then I like to eat the same thing every morning: Oatmeal. But sometimes I do eat something different. Normally this happens, when I run out of oatmeal, but in this case, it happen because pancakes just are so damn delicious. This is mini banana pancakes, that just goes perfect for breakfast. I had them with skyr (skyr is similar to quark, it´s from Iceland) a plum and some almonds.

1 person

1 egg

1 banana

1/2 dl buttermilk

25 g wheat flour(I used Ølands wheat)

Spices(I used vanilla powder and cinnamon)

You can add 25 g of marzipan if you want it to be sweeter or perhaps 1/2 teaspoon of organic lemon zest.

Start out with stir the egg whites stiff in one bowl. In an other bowl you cut you banana in pieces and blend it with the egg yolk, the wheat, the buttermilk and the spices. If you add marzipan or lemon zest, then you also add that now. When it´s all blended so there isn´t any banana lumps in, you carefully turn in the egg whites. You stir the egg whites stiff, to make the pancakes more fluffy. If you don´t do this, then only add 1/4 dl buttermilk.

Bake a lot of small pancakes of the dough in butter, and eat them for breakfast for´ 1 with skyr/quark, some fruit and nuts or they can be used as an afternoon snack for 2. IMG_7311IMG_7305IMG_7303

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2 Responses to Small banana pancakes

  1. oldvogue says:

    I tend to fall in the same breakfast rut but these look good enough to break get out of that rut!

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