Chocolate chip cookies

IMG_7211I baked a few cookies yesterday. Or I baked a lot of cookies. I think there is about 70 cookies. I usually don´t bake this many, but I sing in a choir every thursday, where we each have to bring cake or fruit one time a season(from february to june) and yesterday I was up. Normally there is 3 (I think) there brings cake, and 3 there brings fruit, but normally there are also two choirs, but yesterday we all sang together. I think we were around 200 people inside the church singing. Honestly, it was quite difficult for me to hear if it sounded any good, but I hope it did, I really hope so. The reason why we all had to sing together, is because we/the choir I´m in, is singing tomorrow in Tivoli, at plænen. Tivoli is a danish amusement park and plænen, is in the middle of it, where there is concerts every friday all summer. This weekend it´s gospel choir weekend in Tivoli. I think there is about 30-40 gospel choirs, that will be singing saturday and sunday in tivoli. My choir is singing tomorrow. I´m quite excited I must say. I love to sing, though I´m not sure how good a singer I am. I´ve gotten better I will say, and I think I´m going to take singing lessons in the fall, just to get some extra. Singing once a week in a choir, isn´t really enough for me, to improve that much, but I also mostly sing for fun. Doing things that makes you happy, is really the best thing to do.

Anyway, I baked cookies and this is the best cookies I have ever tasted. It´s a recipe I have from my mother, but out of laziness I changed it a bit, and that just made them even better. These I baked are without nuts, just in case of anybody being allergic to nuts, but often I add hazelnuts.IMG_7206

Ingredients for a normall portion: (This is actually a double portion. I make double because it´s easier with 1 whole egg, rather than a 1/2)

120 g butter
100 g cane sugar
100 g brown sugar
150 g good dark chocolate
1 egg
100 g wheat flour
1-2 dl coarse rolled oats
1 teaspoon baking powder

Mix the brown sugar, cane sugar and the egg in a bowl. Sieve the flour and baking powder in another bowl. Then chop the chocolate in small pieces (not too small though) and mix the chocolate and the oats in. Melt the butter and mix the butter in with the sugar and egg. when it´s mixed, then mix it all. If your adding nuts, then add them now. You can also use soft butter instead of melting it. By soft I mean that you have it out of the fridge for a while so you can knead it with the rest of the ingredients. However, if you don´t melt the butter, then you should only use 1 dl oats, if you melt it, then use 2 dl oats. I started melting it, because it was easier, and really it is better. More oats make them a little more soft in the middle but crunchy in the edge, just like cookies should be.

Put small lumps of dough on baking paper. Bake them in the oven at 175°C hot air. Bake them for about 10-15 minutes. IMG_7202

(I had to bake A LOT of cookies)

These pictures really ain´t the best, but I was just in such a hurry. I really didn´t want to be late for choir. 200 people all looking at you, when you open up the really big, heavy and very creaking door, no thank you. But just because the pictures ain´t the best, dosen´t mean that the cookies ain´t.

Have a great weekend everybody.

One of my all time favorite songs, in a really good version.

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