Pancakes with a hint of caramel

IMG_6430I made pancakes the other day. Normally I just make them with eggs, milk and flour, but I had a leftover of some condensed milk, so I decided to try and put it in the pancake dough. You can make caramel out of condensed milk, so why you put some of it in pancake dough, it becomes a little caramel-ish in the flavor.

I used:(About 10 pancakes).

2 eggs

130g wheat flour

2 – 2 1/2 dl milk

1 1/2 dl of condensed milk

It may seem like a lot of fluid, but the condensed milk, can make them more dry or crisp than the other way around. Also because of that, it´s best to eat them right away. But why also save pancakes??? Because of the hint of caramel they are  really good with nutella. I had them with the homemade nutella, that I made last weekend and hazelnuts.

Because of the condensed milk, that is very sweet, it´s not necessary to add extra sugar. Therefore these are also dessert pancakes. They are too sweet, to use for dinner.IMG_6433And with some plums roasted in a little  sugar.

Mix all of the ingredients. Melt a little butter on a pan and fry the pancakes on a frying pan.
IMG_6444Pancakes is just so easy to make and taste so good.

Have a happy sunday everybody. I´m going to spend the day with cleaning a little and doing some reading and relaxing, and tonight I´m going to the DR (Denmark´s Radio) Concert house, to see a girls choir interpret some texts of the Danish author Tove Ditlevsen. I´m quite excited, I must say. I was very surprised to be asked by a friend of mine. We are a group of friends that gets together, it´s just not very often that I spend time with her alone, so I was very surprised that she asked me, but also very happy. I’m really looking forward to it.

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