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IMG_8077Pretty dress and cute lingerie(iPhone)IMG_8078A lot of people…surprise(iPhone)IMG_8052Pretty shoes(iPhone)IMG_8048IMG_8050If this was not made in polyester, I would have bought it(iPhone)

I´m guessing that most of you know H & M. Maybe most of you also know COS, Collection Of Style, that is H & M´s younger “sister”, that was launched back in 2007. Now H & M group have launched a new brand called & Other Stories, that I guess is a younger sister to COS. COS is quite minimalistic with sharp edges and plain colors(I like COS quite a lot). I think & Other Stories is somewhere in between H & M and COS, probably a little closer to COS than H & M. H & M group also owns Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, but for me it seems like, that there is a bit more connection between H & M, COS and & Other Stories, in a stylish perspective, than H & M and the other three brands. Though you can may connect them to H & M´s Divided line. Then again they are independent brands, under the H & M group.

The new & Other Stories opened today, and I took a look around the store with a friend of mine, before getting some coffee. I especially like there Lingerie. It´s very pretty, very simple, but still very feminine. There is also a lot of the clothes that I like, especially some of the tops.

It looks to be a bit more expensive than H & M, in the price range, it´s more like COS. I really hope that that means that the quality then is, that much better. The items that I have from COS, have been of quite a good quality, so I hope that the same goes for & Other Stories. All in all I think it looks pretty good, a lot of cool items and and a pretty low prices.

I hope that & Other Stories get a line of clothes, similar to H & M conscious. I mean, honestly then it´s quite a little step for a company of the size of H & M. Though just to add, I don´t know if you are aware of the  fact, that, h & M is actually one of the companies that have agreed to detox fashion. There is a lot of fashion companies that use a whole lot of toxic chemicals. I mostly know of this, because I am a member of Greenpeace. You can also read about it right here. It may not seem as a lot, for a company of the size of H & M, and it´s true that they can do a lot more for the environment, but when a company of the size of H & M do something like this, it is going to affect a lot of other companies. After H & M agreed to detox, companies such as Zara, Levi´s, Benetton, G-Star, Victoria´s Secret, Mango and probably other companies did the same. Latest I think it´s Gucci. One of the brands that do´s not want to stop using toxic is the danish company Bestseller. I´m feeling pretty good about never buying any of their clothing. I have bought things from them, like my favorite sequin pants, but I´m boycotting that brand from now on.

Anyway, props to H & M for doing some fashion Detoxing. I normally never goes in stores on the opening day, but we came by so why not. I like it. I like the kind of minimalism. Also the quality really seems to be better than in H & M. Good quality is always good.

After looking in stores, we went to Torvehallerne, it´s a little pricy, but I´m a fan. We got coffee and good cake:IMG_6404IMG_6405And then we looked at the art??? I´m gonna call it art, there is at Kongens Nytorv, where they are  building a new Metro. IMG_6413IMG_6417IMG_6409IMG_6408This is one of my oldest friends, beautiful Lilja. She is so sweet. When we were younger she always send me postcards, when she was traveling, ALWAYS. IMG_8061We also looked at Agnes cupcakes(iPhone).IMG_8060And we looked at herbs(iPhone).IMG_8059And more herbs and vegetables(iPhone).IMG_6419IMG_6425And we found a picture of Darth Vader.

This have been a really great day. Beautiful weather and great company. And now I am going to drink some wine with some of my neighbors. I moved not so long ago, so I don´t know them, but it´s nice to know people around you. Have a great weekend. My weekend started very, very good.

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