Citrus salad with passion fruit, apple and pistachios

IMG_6304It´s supposed to be spring, and yet it have been snowing today. Not very sping-ish. Or actually it´s not that unusual in Denmark. I´m really not a fan though. I want a warm and sunny spring, where I don´t wake up to a day where it´s snowing.

But now where I don´t have spring outside, I´m trying to bring it inside. This is a really summer-ish salad.

You need:

1 pink grapefruit

2 Blood oranges

1 orange

1/2 an apple

1/2 a lime

1 passion fruit

acacia honey


and lots of mint leavesIMG_6296IMG_6299Cut out the pink grapefruit, the 1/2 apple, the blood oranges and the normal orange. Mix it with mint, honey, the passion fruit and press the lime over it.

Don´t put the pistachios on until you serve it. There is quite a lot of juice in this salad so the pistachios will become very wet, if they lies in the salad for too long. You can also use cashew nuts if you prefer that. You can also make it without the apple, I just like that it´s a little crisp in the otherwise not very crisp salad. I love passion fruit and I think it goes perfect with the acidic citrus fruits. 
IMG_6323IMG_6286Yesterday I was outside cycling in the very lovely sunshine, though it was freezing cold. But I found flowers.IMG_6251I also found a lot of ice. 

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2 Responses to Citrus salad with passion fruit, apple and pistachios

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    That salad looks so yummy!

    – KW

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