Homemade Nutella

IMG_6230This weekend I made homemade Nutella for sundays breakfast. I LOVE Nutella, but it have to be Nutella. Not just any random kind of chocolate spread. I think a lot of the other brands, that makes a chocolate spread, taste to much of butter and too little of nuts.

This one that I made, don´t taste exactly like Nutella, but Nutella is just the easiest way to explain. I think it became really good. Mine is quite crunchy, but you you can get it less crunchy, by chopping the nuts better.

For a little glass you need:

75 g of hazelnuts

1 1/2 dl of condensed milk

50 g of dark chocolate

In order to make a good chocolate spread, there is two things you need: Good nuts and good chocolate. Because you only use three ingredients, then they really have to be good. Of nuts I used a sort called: Corylus Maxina. The Kernel of these nuts, are quite big. Also, always use nuts, which is still in a shell, when you buy them. Yes it takes a bit longer, and it can be a bit tiring to get them of of the shell, but the once you buy without a shell, is often small and a kind of dry.
The second thing to consider is the quality of the chocolate. I used a chocolate named: Piura Porcelana 75%, from Original Beans. This is one of the BEST chocolates I have ever tasted. So so good. You can of cause also use another chocolate, but it have to be around 75 % and also, when you buy a chocolate, then make sure that the only ingredients in the chocolate is: Cacao beans, cacao butter and cane sugar.  Any other ingredients in good chocolate is unnecessary, if there is a lot of other ingredients, then it´s not good.

IMG_6239How to make it:

Start with heating up the oven and crack the shell on all of the nuts. When the oven is 180°C, you put the hazelnuts in. Take them out after 5-10 minutes. In the oven, the brown shell on the nuts starts to crack. When you take them out, you can pill of then brown shell. You can also put them in a dishcloth, and roll them, then the shell also falls of. I removed all of the shell, which takes a while, but you can do it faster, if you don´t care so much. I don´t think it makes the biggest different in the taste, if there is just a little shell left. The hazelnuts are supposed to be golden. Then put them in a blender, and blend them as much as you like. The more you blend, then more creamy the finished product will turn out.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, and mix the chocolate in with the nuts together with the condensed milk(Don´t mix it in the blender, if you have used a blender. Mix it in a small bowl).

When it´s all mixed, your Nutella is done. Keep it in the fridge. It should be good for about a week, not that mine would ever last that long. It´s also really good on roasted rye-bread. IMG_6242IMG_6095IMG_6237Have a lovely week everybody.

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2 Responses to Homemade Nutella

  1. andmorefood says:

    this looks so good! and I completely agree with you that it has to be nutella – not even good gianduja spread gives the same satisfaction.

  2. mixthetape says:

    Thank you. And yes, nutella is the best. Only problem with nutella is that I eat way too much of it, when I buy it.

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