Homemade apple syrup

IMG_5944I´m sorry that I have neglected the blog so much here lately. I have been busy with my study and the past week I have had a very long and unpleasant date with my bed. Yes, I too have been hunted by the horribly winter flu. I hate being sick. It´s just feels like the biggest waist of time. But now I´m better. I´m not a 100% good, but i´m getting there. 

Last weekend, just before I got sick, I made homemade apple syrup. It´s one of my favorite morning syrups. I love having it on my morning oatmeal porridge, especially  with blueberries and banana. So good. And it´s just like any other syrup, really easy to make.IMG_5913IMG_5967You need:

600 ml of good apple juice. It´s best if it´s cold pressed apple juice, that haven´t been filtered. It´s best if you have a juicer and make it your self, I don´t so I bought a good apple Juice.

250 g of cane sugar. ( If your apple juice is really sour, you might have to use a little more sugar).

1 Vanilla pod.

Mix all of the ingredients in a pot. Scrape the vanilla grains out of the vanilla pod, and mix in both the grains and the empty pods in the apple sugar mix. Put it over the heat and let it simmer for about 2 hours. Stir in it every now and then. Once the syrup have cooled of, it becomes more stiff, so be careful not to let it boil for too long. IMG_5999IMG_5799IMG_5801IMG_5819IMG_5850And by the way, now that it have been a while since I have posted anything, then: HAPPY SPRING. Spring is my favorite time of year.

It´s my favorite because:

In the end of winter, everyone is always grumpy and tired of the cold and the dark. When spring comes around, people always change. They become much more positive and full of life. It´s just like most peoples attitude change. And now wonder why. The thought of being able to go outside, without freezing your ass of or fingers, is really a good thought. The fact that the days slowly becomes longer and warmer is just so amazing. I love winter, I really do. My favorite sport is skiing and snowboarding, unfortunately I haven´t been skiing this winter, and I´m not going 😦 My mom is going skiing with her husband today. She is going skiing in Austria, in a small town named Flachau. I´m really jealous. I have been skiing at that place so many times in my childhood. But spring is here, so I´m happy.

This opinion is based on how it is to live in Denmark. With a long windy cold winter. 

If you don´t know, then today is International R. Kelly day and The Women’s International day. I´m not really celebrating any of them. I guess if you should celebrate R. Kelly day, you should listen to all of the chapters of trapped in the closet. So far there is 33 whole chapters.

Women´s International day: Go fight for your rights. Or something. I lived in switzerland for a year, some years ago. The women that I knew in Switzerland had a tradition of getting together that day, and have dinner, some drinks, just have a good time, and ohh yearh……..they got a male stripper. As a Danish woman, with danish standards, it seemed a bit strange, but Danish women and women from switzerland are also very different. In Switzerland, there are a lot of staying at home mom´s. So far in Denmark, I have had 1 friend back in school with a stay at home mom. Denmark is pretty equal among the sexes. Yes it can be more equal, but I think we are doing pretty good. Though i do think that the new generations of young women in Switzerland are op for changes. By the way, I really love switzerland. Such an amazing place. So so gorgeous. I would really love to move back to switzerland one day. Basically to any country with mountains and snow.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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