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Æbleskiver // Puffy pancake-ish cakes filled with nougat

Æbleskiver is a traditional danish dessert kind of dish, that we eat in Denmark, mostly around Christmas. Actually almost always around christmas. But, as much other food, then I think you can eat them at any time. At christmas we … Continue reading

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Figs with goat cheese and Parma ham

I´m so sorry for the lack of posting here the last week. I´ve had a million things on my mind, and not so much time for blogging. But now I´m back, and I got a lot of recipes that I … Continue reading

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Pancakes with a hint of caramel

I made pancakes the other day. Normally I just make them with eggs, milk and flour, but I had a leftover of some condensed milk, so I decided to try and put it in the pancake dough. You can make caramel … Continue reading

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& Other Stories

Pretty dress and cute lingerie(iPhone)A lot of people…surprise(iPhone)Pretty shoes(iPhone)If this was not made in polyester, I would have bought it(iPhone) I´m guessing that most of you know H & M. Maybe most of you also know COS, Collection Of Style, … Continue reading

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Citrus salad with passion fruit, apple and pistachios

It´s supposed to be spring, and yet it have been snowing today. Not very sping-ish. Or actually it´s not that unusual in Denmark. I´m really not a fan though. I want a warm and sunny spring, where I don´t wake … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cupcakes (That could have been more red)

Last sunday, I baked Red Velvet Cupcakes. To be honest, they really weren’t as red as I would have liked them to be. It´s because I have used beetroot instead of food coloring. It´s not that I´m against food coloring, it´s … Continue reading

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Favorite juice with apple, grapefruit and ginger

In the morning my favorite thing to drink is Coffee and Juice. I love juice in the morning. And this one is one of my very favorite. It´s apple, grapefruit and ginger juice. I use pink grapefruit, and depending on … Continue reading

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Homemade Nutella

This weekend I made homemade Nutella for sundays breakfast. I LOVE Nutella, but it have to be Nutella. Not just any random kind of chocolate spread. I think a lot of the other brands, that makes a chocolate spread, taste to … Continue reading

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Homemade apple syrup

I´m sorry that I have neglected the blog so much here lately. I have been busy with my study and the past week I have had a very long and unpleasant date with my bed. Yes, I too have been … Continue reading

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