Homemade mayonnaise


Making mayonnaise your self, is really easy. This is my first making mayonnaise, but I have seen my moms husband do it a million times. Because, when first you have made it once, you really don´t want to go back to buy it again. Wait, I have made it once before, but that didn´t taste good at all. I followed a recipe that said I needed to use olive oil, NOT a good idea.

You need:

1 pasteurized egg yolk

1 dl oil

1 teaspoon of vinegar

1 teaspoon of good mustard

salt and pepper

and a splash of lemonIMG_5642I used sunflower oil. This oil is really good, because it´s taste neutral. You can use any kind of neutral tasting oil. I chopped a little mushroom in. I used the type that in danish is called Karl Johan. I googled it and I think it goes by Penny Bun in english or the latin name: Boletus edulis. In Italian it´s called porcino “Piglet”. Kind of cute, also kind of weird. No matter what, then it´s a mushroom that taste a little nutty. I chopped a little and put it in the oil, the day before I was going to make the mayo. You can also use chili(be careful, you do want to be able to eat it) or other spices. It just adds some different flavours.

You start by mixing your egg yolk and your vinegar. Then add the oil, but do it slowly, so it don´t separate. I used a hand-mixer, but you can also use a blender or food-processor. The smart thing about using a blender or food-processor, is that it´s easier to add the oil. When you have added all of the oil, a little at a time or as a thin jet of oil, your mayo is almost done. Add salt, pepper, lemon and perhaps a teaspoon of mustard, mix it a little more, and your mayo is done. If it became too thick, you can add a little more vinegar or perhaps water. It´s good for about a week in the fridge.IMG_5650

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