Almond butter

IMG_5614I love nuts. Like all kinds of nuts. And especially around christmas I tend to eat far too many. I do know that nuts are healthy, but only in proper amounts. At christmas I manage to eat the same amount of nuts in a month, that I normally do in a year. Luckily for me, then I like sports.
Almond Butter is one of the very good kind of nuts. It´s made by almonds, some more almonds.

I used 200 g of almonds. The glass that I keep it in, can contain 1/4 l, so 200 g kind of shrinks. All you have to do is to blende the nuts. For the flavors sake, you can also roast the nuts first or bake them in the oven for a little, but not too long. You blend them with the shall on, so if you get them burned, you will taste it.

All you really need is almonds, a blender or a food-processor and a whole lot of patience. It takes in between 7-15 minutes to blend them enough. The first stage of blending is almond flour, and after that it takes a while before it becomes almond butter. You don´t have to add any kind of oil, because there´s lots of oil in the almonds. You can buy almond oil, it just takes a while before it starts to oil up.

I think this is a really good substitute for Nutella or other kind of breakfast product full of sugar. It´s very natural and taste amazing. Of cause you do have to like almonds, otherwise you might not like it too much. IMG_5602IMG_5603IMG_5617IMG_3725IMG_5549(My mom´s cat Kafka. I miss him, he´s so furry and cute. He is also trying to eat my mom´s plant and he kind of have ruined it. My mom is NOT happy about it).IMG_3972IMG_3973IMG_0465IMG_0419

I also miss the spring, flowers, sun, heat and more sun.

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  1. health advocation says:

    yummy, i love almond butter

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