My bread is done

IMG_5566Yesterday I finally baked my bread.
The bread is made after a recipe of a baking book, by a Danish chef, named Claus Meyer. It´s a bread made on a apple sourdough. It´s the first time that I have ever baked a bread made on a sourdough of fruit, but it´s definitely not the last time. I already have a lot of ideas for other types of bread, also breads in the dessert department. This bread is however not a dessert bread, but a very delicious bread for breakfast, snack, tapas, soup or other things.

The recipe for this bread is:

4 1/2 dl cold water

1 dl apple sourdough

If you find it necessary, then the amount of yeast, that match the size of a pea

600g of Ølands wheat flour

15 g sea salt

The type of wheat that you use is very improtant. Because there is so few ingredients in the dough, then they have to be really good. Ølands wheat is more rough than common wheat. It´s also a really old form of wheat. I´m guessing you can use another form of wheat, but use something good. Maybe like a really good italian durum wheat flour, but i´m not sure.

I started making the bread thursday.

Day 1:

Mix 3 1/2 dl of water with your apple sourdough and yeast, if you use that. Then add salt and flour. It´s supposed to get best if you stir it at a mixer, but I don´t have one, so I don´t know. But if you do have a mixer, then now is the time for taking advantage of that. And yes, a mixer have really gotten to the top of my wishing list. When i´m getting one (and I am getting one, one day, hopefully in a year), then i´m getting one from Kitchenaid, and it have to be the color Ice blue. It´s just so perfect and gorgeous. It really would make any kitchen look so much prettier.
Anyway, if you have a mixer, then you have put it on low speed for the first 3 minutes, and then full speed for 15 minutes. You add the last water little by little. Now I don´t have a mixer, so I kneaded it for about 25 minutes. It´s a good work out, that I feel like I easily could have been without. But, it´s important to knead really well. Remember to make a gluten test when you are done.
Put the finished dough in a bowl, greased with cold-pressed canola oil and put it in the fridge for 20-22 hours.

Day 2: Turn the bowl around, so that the dough falls out. Let it fall out on a surface covered with flour, otherwise, it will stick to everything. It´s a very wet dough. Split the dough in two.

You need a baking stone, to bake the bread on. Put the stone in the oven and put the heat on. Put it on 250°C. Make sure that the stone is well heated before using the oven. I heated op the oven about 20 minutes before I needed the breads to get in.

After you have split the dough in two, let it be for an hour, to raise  a little. I found it to be very sticky, so when I had to get it in the oven, it completely lost the shape it had, but it didn´t make any different to the bread. I think it was a little difficult to get the really wet dough on the stone alone, so my mom helped me. It´s extremely warm, so be careful. When it´s in the oven, then it have to bake for about 20-25 minutes. My mom´s oven is a little fast, so mine only needed 15-20 minutes. This is honestly the best bread I have EVER baked.

(Picture taken by my mom)
IMG_5589 IMG_5592(Picture taken by my mom)IMG_5552This is Shiva. IMG_5550And Kafka. He´s not hiding, he is stretching. The cutest thing ever.

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