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IMG_5513So I started making this bread basically last thursday, with making the apple sourdough. Now I have made the dough, so it´s ready for getting baked tomorrow. The small pieces in the dough is apple pieces from the sourdough. I´m really excited about this dough(or as excited you can be about dough). Anyways – now that I have used so much time on it, it better be worth it. If it is, then i´m definitely getting a baking stone for the oven. Tomorrow i´m going to my moms house to bake it, so that I can use her baking stone and so that I can cuddle her two cats. They miss me so much, when i´m not there 🙂IMG_5491 The bread is made on a wheat type called Ølands wheat. it´s organic and then it´s an really old form of wheat, that have been rediscovered. I have used it before, and it´s really good. IMG_5522IMG_5520I have always liked to bake, but before, it´s always been really random, how I mixed it. But, I have recently learned a couple of things:

1: Use less yeast.
2: Use more water(the dough have to be way more wet, than what I usually have done. This keeps it more moist for longer)
3: The dough must be kneaded longer than you think.
4:(This one can be used for so many different recipes) Use less ingredients. Sometimes it´s the simple, that taste the best.

If you want to find out, whether you have kneaded your dough long enough, you can make the gluten test. Take a little piece of your dough, and pull it out like I done on the picture above. It have to be able, to become thin enough, so that you can read a newspaper through it. The picture dosen´t really show that you can, but with only two hands a lot of sticky dough, it was pretty difficult to make take a better picture. Also if you are wondering, then yes, I did have to clean my camera after. It would have been easier with some help. I´m starting to think I really need a tripod. There is so many things I need in my kitchen though. Like thirst of all, a way bigger kitchen. Anyway, the gluten test shows if your dough is ready.

Mine is, and now it´s standing in the fridge, until tomorrow.
IMG_5529This is how my breads hopefully is going to look like tomorrow.

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