Easy celeriac salad

IMG_5461My mom and her husband sometimes make this salad. It´s pretty easy to make, but it does take a while. It´s not my mom´s own recipe. I think she got it from a danish company, called Aarstiderne (seasonal). It´s a great company. You can have organic fruit and vegetables brought to your home every week. They also bring out meat, fish, dairy products, canned food, rice, pasta and so on. A lot of food, all organic. I would like to get it at some point, but they only bring out, and where I live is under construction right now, so it seems smarter to wait.

No matter where the recipe is from, then it´s in danish, so here is it in english.

Anyway, It´s not a salad you eat alone. It´s best with something else.
You need:



Black olives

Sun-dried tomatos

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

(I also added some parsley)

The amount of each thing isn´t that important. EXCEPT: you use twice as much olive oil as you use balsamic vinegar.

I used:

100g of almonds

350 g of celeriac

40 g of black olives and 40 g of sun-dried tomatoes

1/2 dl of olive oil

3/4 dl of balsamic vinegar

Peel the almonds, chop them in slim long pieces and roast them, till they are a golden brown. Chop the celeriac in long slim pieces as well. Also chop the olives and the sun-dried tomatoes. Mix all of it a a bowl and it´s finished. All the chopping takes a while, but other than that, it´s easy to do. I love parsley, but you can easy do without. Because it´s so simple, you really have to serve it to something. I think beef is better than chicken to this salad, and also bread. Also, I prefer to use sun-dried tomatoes, that isn´t stored in oil. Those you have to soak in water first, and that is dry when you buy them. Otherwise, I think the salad easy becomes too greasy.IMG_5452IMG_5451IMG_5467IMG_5475

If you are wondering how Maude has it, I can tell that she’s fine. She have started to smell of beer, and tomorrow she will be mixed with flour, salt, water and a small amounts of yeast, and then she shall stay in the fridge for a day, so that she can rise and become big and beautiful. And hopefully very tasty.

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  1. sani panini says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing!!

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