Favourite breakfast

IMG_4449Mmmmmm breakfast. My favourite meal of the day, even though I almost eat the same thing every single day. I always eat oatmeal porridge. It´s just so easy to make and taste good. And also, you can always spice it op with fruit, berries, nuts and spices (probably also other things, but these are the once I use).

For one person:

1 dl oatmeal

2 dl water

Put it in a pan, and let it boil till it´s ready. Remember to stir in the pot, so it don´t get burned. You can also use this: (This is how I normally make it, and how I prefer it).

1 dl oatmeal

About 10 almonds, chopped

1 dl water

1 dl milk

Extra: A little vanilla powder(NOT sugar).

When you use milk, it becomes much more creamy. If you use full milk, you should use a little less, otherwise it becomes REALLY creamy.

If you like coconut taste, you can also use a little coconut milk, 1-2 tablespoons. Then I like to use less milk, so it don´t get a “fat” taste. IMG_4457IMG_4446You can also boil different berries with the oatmeal. It taste good as well. It´s especially good if you use frozen berries. If you use blueberries, your porridge will become kinda purple.  IMG_5420IMG_5431I don´t eat cake for breakfast. Unless it´s weekend and it´s danish pastry, which I think is a form of cake. Or it is cake, but other than that, then I don´t eat cake in the morning.

I got these cakes yesterday. I visited a really good friend of mine, who had baked these really good muffins for me (and for her,  I hate when I have to share cake, hahaha). It´s banana, chocolate, hazelnut cake. Yummy. It was so good. When I was younger, I really didn´t like banana, in any other way, than fresh bananas. But I have really come to love bananas in cake. Not to much though. I don´t want it just to taste like bananas, but they really can make a cake moist. Anyway, I think I might have to bake muffins soon. Or maybe cupcakes. Though I have to admit that frosting really scares me. I hate frosting that taste like butter, which the only frosting I have ever tried to make, tasted like. Maybe I will try with a cream cheese frosting.

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