Coconut pancake

IMG_5383I made a coconut pancake for breakfast. It´s pretty easy to make, which is a quite important fact for me, when I break my breakfast habit. I ALWAYS eat oatmeal for breakfast. I love oatmeal, but sometimes, it´s really nice to have something different. I actually tried with quite a few different recipes, before I used this one. And this one is by far the best. I also made one with fresh coconut, that was not very good. I had it with the Icelandic dairy product Skyr. I don´t know what it´s called in english, but it´s this dairy product from Iceland, that contains very little fat but a lot of proteins. It´s really good. I also had fresh mango, coconut and pomegranate along with it.

For 1 person you need:

3/4 dl coconut milk

1 egg

1 dl coconut flour

A little spices. I used a little vanilla and cardamom.

Mix it all in a bowl and fry it on a hot pan with a little coconut oil, or regular oil. You fry it as one big pancake. Be carful with turning it, it breaks really easy. You can also eat it with condensed milk, if you want it to be more like a dessert. You can also mix in a little condensed milk in the dough. Then you just use a little less coconut milk. It becomes a little more caramel like, if you do it like that.

I think this became pretty good, but don´t you know that feeling of wanting to make something that you have tasted ten years ago, and you can´t just make it quite that good? 11 1/2 year ago, I was in Thailand with my mom and brother, and at a beach on Koh Tao, I had THE most amazing coconut pancake EVER. But I can´t just go back to Thailand like that, and not just for a pancake, but I´m still trying to make that perfect coconut pancake.  There is a quite fair chance, that I remember it as being way better, than what it actually was. Anyway – this one, is quite good.IMG_5416IMG_5341IMG_5345IMG_5349Oh that weird white ball thing inside of my coconut. I have NO idea of what that is. My brain sometimes works a little strange, so the first thing I thought of when I saw it was: Alien. It´s not an alien though. According to what I found at Google, then you can eat it, and so I did. I didn´t really like it, but it looks funny and it feels like a wet spongy ball. IMG_5397IMG_5412And my morning coffee in my pretty donkey cup.

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