Candied apples with coconut

IMG_5323Yesterday I made candied apples. My favorite way to eat apples 🙂 Maybe not the healthiest way, but once in a while, they are just really good. I have never tried to make it before, but sometimes I have bought them at christmas, when I´ve been at Tivoli (an amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. Bonus info: It´s the second oldest in the world, of it´s kind. The oldest is also Danish, and is a little outside of Copenhagen: Dyrehavsbakken).It´s also the biggest tourist attraction in Denmark, yes yes. I love it. It´s very crowded but also very beautiful).
IMG_5329Anyway – Candied apples, is yummy and really easy to make. If it have to be really professional, then you need at cooking thermometer, but you can do without. Mine broke a while ago, and I had no problems making it without. If you make these apples with children, then you need to be aware of the fact, that when you boil the sugar, then it becomes really hot, and you stick the apple in the put with the hot sugar, then the apple can slide of the stick, and plump in to the sugar, so that the sugar splashes and may hit you. That can really burn, so be careful with that. But if you just are careful, then it´s no problem having kids in the kitchen. IMG_5332 For 6 apples you need:

First of all you need 6 apples. I used Pink lady, but use whatever apple you like. The more pink the apple are, the prettier (but if you don´t have to take pictures for a blog, then the looks might not matter so much, haha). Also I like Pink apple, and apples really aren´t my speciality, anyway.

6 sticks. I used licorice roots. It looks pretty, and give a little taste to the inside of the apple. But, normal wooden sticks are just as good.

300 g of cane sugar.

2 1/5 tbsp of glucose syrup.

1 dl of water.

1/5 dl of beetroot juice.

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder.

1 – 1/2 dl og coconut flour.

I used beetroot juice to color the sugar pink, but you don´t have to use it. You can also use fruit color, I just like the more natural way. However, if you use too much beetroot, then it might taste a little of beetroot, so be careful with that. Also you don´t need vanilla powder, especially if you don´t use beetroot juice. IMG_5282IMG_5288IMG_5271IMG_5300Except for the apples, then you boil the rest of the things in a pot. Let it boil in-between 3-6 minutes and then turn the heat of. while it boils, you can put the stick in the apple.

When the apples are done and the sugar is ready, you dip the apple in the sugar. It´s easier if you tip the pot a bit. Make sure that the apple is almost covered in sugar, let the extra drip of, and then dip the apple in coconut and put it on a plate, and let it dry.

I think you should let it dry or harden for at least 10 minutes, but it´s up to you.

Have a great weekend y´all. 

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