Apple sourdough


The book at the picture, shows a recipe of a bread that I would like to try and bake, BUT it´s made on a sourdough of apples, that takes a week to make. So, therefore, I have decided to bake it next friday, when my apple sourdough hopefully is ready. I have chosen to call my dough Maude. I named it after Maude Varnæs, from the old danish serial, Matador. Not because she reminds me of apple dough, but just because I really love Matador and I think that Maude is a awesome name.

The recipe is from a book called Meyers Bageri ( Meyers bakery). It´s my favorite cook book, but many of the recipes are a kind of difficult, because they take a long time, and often when I want to bake, it´s here and now, and not here and the next 2-3 days.

It´s my first time making this apple sourdough. I will show you how it turns out. If you want to try and make it, then you need:

5 organic apple.

a blender or food-processor.
IMG_5239Take your 5 apples, wash them and remove the core.IMG_5252

Mash the apples in a blender. Put the mashed apples in a container, where they can breath. The lid on the container needs to be a little open, so they can breath. Put it aside for a week in a room with room temperature. Not too hot, then they will go bad. Stir in it at least once a day. After a week it should smell of dark beer, and then it´s ready t use.


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