Winter skin

I live in Scandinavia. I like living here based on the standard of living, NOT due to the winter weather(and also my family and friends). Okay I love living in Denmark, just NOT the weather as it is right now. Denmark is gray from November until march, more or less. And it´s a very flat country, which means that it is very windy here. Not only is it horrible to bicycle in, but it can also do major skin damaging. My skin usually gets really dry and itchy throughout the winter, but this year I have pretty much saved my skin, by using facial oil, cleansing milk and ultra facial moisturizer.IMG_5093IMG_5060I´ve been using REN cleansing milk for a couple of years and I really like it. It leaves my face clean, without being dry. I used to use cleansing soap, but that is really way to harsh for the skin, especially in winter. The one I use now, is for dry skin. Normally I use the one for sensitive skin(which I think is better, but a sales woman convinced me to try this, but I need a new one soon, so I´m going back to the old one). I like the feeling of washing my face with soap, but it´s just really not good. It becomes too dry, I think. If you are changing from soap to cleansing milk, it does take a while to get use to, but it´s worth it.IMG_5075I use Kiehl´s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, after I have cleansed my face at night. I also have a day oil, but that is from Weleda. I don´t have a picture of if. It´s a Almond oil for facial use. Both oils works really well for me. It makes my skin looks more fresh, and it feels way less dry. It took me quite a while to buy a oil, because I was afraid that it would make my face looks greasy and shiny, but that´s not the case. It really easily absorbed.IMG_5072Currently, I end of with using Kiehl´s Ultra Facial Moisturizer, which is really good, if you get very dry skin or have very sensitive skin. If not, it will probably become too thick and greasy. It takes about 10 minutes before my skin completely absorb it, but here in winter it´s good with a extra protecting layer. I´m really looking forward to spring. I´m tired of freezing every time I go out and having to have so much clothes on. IMG_5078IMG_5062Do you use any facial oil? And which ones do you prefer? And do you have any other beauty faves that you can´t live without?

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