Last Saturday


Last saturday, I was at a birthday party at a good friend of mine. She had made insanely good food, but the light was terrible, so I didn´t take any pictures of that, but I took a couple of the gifts I gave her and of my dress and lipstick. The little black canned is liquorice syrup, from Johan Bülow. Yes I really do love everything with liquorice. I got it from my mama.


IMG_5034 IMG_5041

My favorite dress. I just love the colors. It´s a silk dress shirt from Bllack noir. So comfortable to wear. I wish all my clothes were like this.


And my favorite lipstick right now, my Rebel from M.A.C. It have the prettiest purple pinkish color, so beautiful.

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2 Responses to Last Saturday

  1. dawndancers says:

    Wow that Mac Lippy looks amazing, I may try and pull that colour off myself

    Clare x

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