How to temper your chocolate

IMG_4616Tempering chocolate:

The professional way:
The chocolate is heated in a water bath to 40° chocolate Moldschocolate Molds. Then cooled down to 27° on the marble slab or similar, where it is turned constantly with a spatula. When the chocolate is down to 27° it is poured into the bowl again and gently warmed in a not too hot water bath (about 40-50°) till it hits 29°. The chocolate is now ready for coating.

The quick method:
3/4 of the chocolate is warmed up to 40°. The last 1/4 of the amount is chopped fine. Add the finely chopped amount when it hits 40° and stir in it, till it is all melted. The chocolate is warmed gently a few degrees and is ready for coating.

I got the method to melt chocolate from Summerbird Chocolate. You can find it on their webpage as well, but only in danish.

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