Filled white Chocolate


Last thursday it was my moms husbands birthday. Beside giving a present that was purchased I also decided to give him and my mom, something homemade. That became homemade filled white chocolate. In general I´m not really a fan of homemade presents, but that is mostly because, they more often than not, kind of sucks. Anyway – one homemade thing I just LOVE to get is food and sweets. My mom really often gives me things like home baked bread, jam, and a lot of other things. I just think that it´s such a great way, to give things to each other. I like gifts too, but when it´s something good that someone else have made for you, it´s just the best.

So, making filled chocolate is quite easy, but you do need a few things:

Chocolate molds ( I used a mini heart brownies molds)


Marble plate or similar


Really good Chocolate

Something really good to fill in the really good chocolate.IMG_4637

IMG_4624I used two kinds of white chocolate: Amedei Toscano white and Summerbirds organic white chocolate. Both chocolates are REALLY good.

I filled them with liquorice syrup and lemon curd.

Start off with tempering your chocolate.

Then put it in your chosen chocolate molds, but only around the sides, so you can fill it.
Cool it down. When it´s set, put in the syrup or curd or what you have chosen. Then you close the top, with a layer of tempered chocolate. Put it in your fridge, until they have hardened through, so that they don´t break, when you have to get them out of the molds.

You can use whatever chocolate you want, but the better the chocolate, the better the result.IMG_4754IMG_4801IMG_4825

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