Lemon curd

IMG_4796I decided to make some lemon curd a couple of days ago. So far I been loving all the different kind of curds that I have tasted, but it also only counts two. This one and my sea buckthorn curd. I love sour food, and this is certainly no exception.

You need:

1 1/2 organic lemon both the juice and the peel

60 g cane sugar (organic)

40 g butter (organic)

1 pasteurized egg

Grate the lemon peel and press the lemon. Remember to buy a organic lemon, so that you can use the peel. Mix all the ingredients in a pot and put the heat on. You have to stir in it, while it slowly thickens. Don´t put too much heat on, it´s not supposed to boil. When it have reached the consistence you like, you turn off the heat, sieve it and put it in a glass. Let it cool of, and then you have a lemon curd that you can use for bread, cakes or whatever you like to.
You can add a little more sugar, if you think it´s too sour.

I think it´s good for about a week in the fridge.IMG_4773IMG_4770IMG_4774

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