My mom´s chicken soup

IMG_4595I made chicken soup the other day, when I had my brother on visit. I love soup, especially in the winter, when it´s cold and dark.

You need:

A whole chicken, cleaned and cooked min. 1 hour with leek tops, salt & pepper.
When the chicken is tender, you take it up from the pot and remove the meat (the amount you need) and strain the broth.

To the soup you add:
· Salt & whole pepper grains, curry, paprika, a little cumin and a little chili. Add it as you like it. Better start out with too little than too much.

· Green olives ( I forgot the olives).

· Finely sliced ​​leeks

· Chicken meat into small pieces

· Other vegetables that you might like, I added carrots (also finely chopped)

The soup is heated through, but don´t cook any longer.

Serve it with rice and / or baguette. ( I served it with brown rice).

It´s a really simple recipe. It takes a while to make, because of the boiling of the chicken, but it´s a good basic recipe. Then you can always add extra. I also added onion and garlic, that I boiled with the chicken, but you can also add other ingredients.IMG_4605IMG_4607

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