Liquorice Syrup

IMG_4580I wanted to post this recipe a couple of days ago, but I had some problems with my syrup. The first one I made became pretty weird, when it had cooled down. The consistency was really not good, so I decided to try something different.
The first one I made, I made of licorice candy, that I boiled in water. Yes it sounds like a really bad way to make syrup, but I found a recipe online, where she had made it on this way. I really don´t understand how she could get a good result of that.

Instead of using candy, I decided to use raw licorice powder, MUCH BETTER.

You need:

Star anis flowers.

Some water.

raw licorice powder.

Cane Sugar OR organic syrup made of cane sugar.

I did it like this:

I startede crushing 2-3 star anis flower, and put them in a pot with 1 dl water and 2 table spoon of cane sugar.
Let it boil for about 5-10 minutes. Star anis have a sort of licorice taste. You don´t absolutely need it, but I like it. It makes the taste a little bit better.
Then sieve the water, so it´s clear(with a yellow tinge).
Then you put two teaspoons of raw licorice powder in the clear anis water. Let it simmer through out the process. Then you add 3 dl water and about 2 1/2 dl cane sugar or 2 1/2 dl of organic cane syrup. I run out of sugar, so I used syrup. But I used an organic syrup only made of cane sugar.
Then you boil it until the consistency thickens and you have the consistency you want. If it becomes too thick, then just add some more water.

When it boils, there will come A LOT of foam on the top, I really couldn’t avoid it, but don´t throw it out, it taste really good. Very sticky licorice foam.IMG_4575IMG_4568IMG_4572

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