American style pancakes

IMG_4536 I LOVE pancakes. All kinds. I normally just make normal pancakes, but sometimes I like to try something different. Now this is my version of American Pancakes.

You need:

120 g wheat flour

2 eggs

3 dl of buttermilk

2 tablespoon full of cane sugar

a little vanilla powder(less than 1/2 a teaspoon)

Mix the flour, vanilla powder and the egg yolk together. Stir the egg whites with the sugar until you can turn the bowl around upside down while the stiff egg stay in the bowl. Mix the sugar egg white in with the other ingredients but do it slow, so it stays fluffy/filled with air.
I mixed chopped white chocolate and about 1 1/2 full of liquorice syrup in the dough.

Melt a little butter on a hot frying pan and make small pancakes of the dough. You don´t need to add anything to the dough I just like to make it a little different from time to time. You can also add some peel from an organic lemon or if there is something else you like.IMG_4509IMG_4527IMG_4541IMG_4528

I will post a recipe for liquorice syrup tomorrow. Have a good evening.

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