Touche Éclat // Bye bye panda eyes


I have always had problems with panda eyes. About an hour after I´ve put on my mascara, half of it is under my eyes instead of on my eyelashes. About half a year ago I talked with a woman who worked in a cosmetic store and she told me, that some people just sweat more around their eyes than other do. Yes very flattering, non the less the reason why my mascara always used to smudge. Every time I used to blink my masara would get a little moist and then slowly or fast start to escape from my lashes.

Therefore I decided to find a solution and my touche Éclat is the best I found so far. Put it around your eyes before applying mascara and it will make your mascara last much longer. You can use a cheaper one as well, this one just gives the most beautiful finish to your skin. Dior also have one called Skin Flash, that I been using earlier, which is just as good. But really any concealer does the trick, then it´s up to you which concealer you prefer. Concealer also have the advantage of making you look more fresh and less like you have been sleeping too little.
If you need an extra long finish for a long day at work or a night out, then you can use a powder after you put on the concealer. I prefer mineral powder. I´m guessing that foundation pretty much can do the trick as well, but I just hate the way it feels on my skin, so I prefer not to use it. Also I really don´t need it, other than around my eyes. I have freckles and would hate to hide them behind too much makeup. I quite started to like my freckles here lately.

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