Klatkager // Blob cakes???


My favorite childhood cake. I don´t really know what it´s called in english, or if it even exists outside of denmark. Blob cake is what I get when I translate it directly. It sounds more like something that came from the Disney animated movie Monsters Inc. than a cake you eat around christmas(or like me, all year around). Anyway – my mom is not a big fan of this cake, and I don´t even know if she ever made it for me, but my grandma made these when I was a child. Her and my extra granddad had a summerhouse in the country, and then me and my cousin sometimes went there on holiday during the summer. My grandma and extra granddad still have the house, but they rebuild it, so today they live there all the time.

It reminds a bit of pancakes, these are just thick and made of rice. To make them you need some leftover rice porridge. Yesterday I had Risengrød/rice porridge. It´s a porridge made out of rice(the kind you use for porridge) boiled in milk. If you had it for dinner, then you can use your leftovers the next day for this cake.

You need/this was what I used. You can have a little less or add a little more rice porridge if you have it, but this was the amount I had.

230 g rice porridge.

2 spoons of wheat flour

1/2 dl whipped cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

1 egg.

Take your rice porridge and mix it with the egg yolk and vanilla powder. Whip the egg white with an electric mixer till it´s stiff. Do the same thing with the whipped cream. When both things a stiff, you mix it carefully with the rest. You don´t have to whip the two things before putting it in with the rice, but it makes the cakes less heavy and more filled with air, if that makes any sense.

When you done that, you fry it on the pan in some butter, till they a golden. They have the sizes of small american pancakes. Serve the with icing sugar and jam. I ate it with my moms homemade strawberry jam.

You can also use two egg whites instead of whipped cream. Whipped cream is a little heavier.

Traditional danish Risengrød/rice porridge.IMG_4425IMG_4426samleny

My mom´s homemade strawberry jam(it´s very good, thank you mom) and the cakes with icing sugar on it. Have a great day everybody.

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