New in balance

IMG_4322 IMG_4334

I´ve bought a new pair of sneaks. Actually it´s the only thing I bought on sale 🙂 Ohhh wait, I also bought an iron, but that´s not really so much fun, but it is necessary if you don´t want your shirts to be all wrinkled, which I hate. It just look so sloppy. I recently moved, and at that occasion I threw ALL of my sneakers out. I didn´t own a single pair that weren´t broken. Now this is the only pair I own, and my shoes for running, but honestly I need a new pair for that as well.

Anyway – I saw these sneaks last spring and it was love at first sight. But, I never got around to buy them and I thought they were gone forever until I saw them with 40% discount. Score, I´m so happy. I just love the grey with the minty details. Though I can´t decide which colour shoelace I should go for? What do you think? I can´t wait to wear them, but it´s way to cold now, and also there is a lot of salt on the roads and that´s NOT good for the shoes.
I want spring and I want it NOW. Please.
Until it gets a little warmer I am going to drink a lot of hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate(sometimes with marshmallows).IMG_4368

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