Carmen in the toaster

IMG_4173Yesterday I was at the Opera. I was watching Carmen, with some friends of mine. It´s only the third Opera I´ve seen, but I must say, that I really enjoy it, and that it´s certainly not the last time I´m going to the opera. I just find it so fascinating. It´s just everything about the opera. The beautiful Opera house we have in Copenhagen(the picture above). I´ve heard some call it the toaster and I get that, but still, it´s just so gorgeous, inside and out.
Now, if you have never seen an Opera, but would like to give it a go, then I can strongly recommend Carmen. It´s a pretty good “starter”. They sing in french, but no worries, there is subtitles, or maybe it´s called overtitles. You can se the translation above the stage, so that you can follow along. It´s like that with all Operas. Now in Carmen they sing in French and it takes place in, where else than of cause…..Spain. I think it´s often like that with Opera. About two month ago, I saw Madame Butterfly, also really good, though I liked Carmen better, but that takes place i Japan between a Geisha and an American soldier and they sing in Italian. The reason for that, is the fact that they are written in the language the author speaks.
Anyway – Carmen is a good starter even though it´s about three hours long, it feels like it goes really fast. Of cause it also depends on the singers. Carmen was performed(yesterday) by the danish opera singer Hanne Fischer. I really don´t know a lot about Opera, but damn she did a good job. Carmen is a little vulgar, all the boys wants her, and she can really play them around and at the same time she is a very determined woman who follows only the one that she truly loves(which seems to be changing often). I thought it was amazing and wouldn´t mind seeing it again.

Something else I LOVE about the Danish Opera, is the three Giant lamps that is hanging  above the entrance. It´s like one giant room, where you can see all the way up to third floor. And then you can see these three gorgeous lamps. They each weighs 1000 kilo,there is 300 light bulb inside and 8000 pieces of glass(the outside of the lamp). All of the pieces of glass is cut a little different so that the change colour depending on the weather and light from outside. They are each 3 meters in diameter. Now if anyone feels like buying me such a lamp, please feel free, but then you also have to buy me a bigger apartment. But that´s okay with me. They are made by Olafur Eliasson, who is an Danish-Icelandic artist. I love his things, especially his lamps.

IMG_7446                                                   The three lamps(Iphone pic).


                                                The inside of one of the lamps(Iphone pic).
In Denmark you can get a youth subscription to the Opera. Then you can see 4 performances for 500kr. That is pretty cheap. This is the second for my friends and I, first time we saw Madame Butterfly, and next time we are going to see New York Ballet, I´m very excited. Anyway, I think it´s a really good offer if you are young(under 25) or like me: a student. They still promote it at their website, so there is still time. You can find it here.



By the way, I ended up going to Cross Fitt wednesday instead of yesterday. I thought I was going to die halfway through. OMG it was hard, I´m going back tomorrow (unless I´m still too sore). Right now, my entire body is a little sore, but I also trained yesterday, just a little run and a minimum of strength exercises. You really go through the entire body so that´s pretty good, but hard. I´m going to write about it, when I have been doing it for a month.

Have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Carmen in the toaster

  1. Peter D says:

    Nice story, I might go and see Carmen if I get the chance. Another opera that I have seen is Turandot by Puccini, which was really moving.

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