Grandma style and something about exercise.

IMG_4155My next project will be to knit a headband. I knitted one last year for my cousin, but I’ll try a different style this time. I show it when I’m done with it.

It´s been really cold the last few days in Denmark, but today was really pretty. The sky was so gorgeous, normally it´s just grey with grey on it.
IMG_7668I shot the last two pictures with my Iphone. I have an Iphone4. I prefer my Canon, but sometimes it´s a little too big to carry around. Especially when i´m just going to the gym. On thursday i´m going to try Cross Fit, i´m a little nervous. I like to workout, but i´m not really in the best shape and I´ve heard that it´s quite hard.

I don´t really make New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a small list of things that I want to try or do every year. This year one of them is to try new forms of exercise. I really love to exercise, but often I get really tired of the gym after a while, and then I end up taking a very long break from exercising, which is pretty stupid. So this year I have decided that I will try some new different form of sports. Things I haven´t done before, Cross Fit is the first, it´s still in a gym, but I’ll give it a try anyway. Maybe I´ll like it???

Do any of you, do any form of sport/exercise? And do you have any tips or something worth trying? Or something that I just have to try out? I´ll get back on thursday, on what I think about Cross fit.

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