Baby it´s LUSH

IMG_4139Do you know Lush???
Lush is a cosmetic brand from the UK. As they say it, them self: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. And it really is fresh. Some of their products expires after only 2 month. Like the little can on the picture: Angels on bare skin. Lush started in 1995 in the UK and today they have stores in over 45 countries, just not Denmark.
IMG_4120Take a little lump and mix it with a tiny bit of water.IMG_4132And use it for cleansing your face. It smells of lavender and leaves the skin very soft and clean. I never use soap for cleansing of my face, because I think it dries the skin too much, so I use this or a cleansing milk. Normally a cleansing milk, since we don´t have Lush in Denmark, unfortunately.
I bought these products last time I was out of Denmark and I love them. I like that they a very clean and that you can´t just keep them in your closet for years, because then they turns bad. Makes me think about all the stuff they put in normal cosmetics, to make them last for so long. I didn´t buy any of their makeup, but they do have makeup too.
IMG_4117This is a little piece of soap, that the sells woman gave me to try out. It smells like citrus, but in a good way and not like some products that most of all smells like the stuff you use to clean your toilet. Unless it for cleaning of your toilet, then it´s a BIG NO GO.
IMG_4095This is called Tiny hands and is a hand lotion. If you can call it lotion. When you warm it up in your hands it melts a little and gives moisture to your hands. It´s really good here in winter where it protects you skin in the cold weather.IMG_4143This is my favorite. I want to eat it every time I look at it. It´s called Soft Coeur. Nourishing massage butter. It melts on the warm skin and smells a little of chocolate. Very nice smell and it´s so cute.
I really wish that there was an Lush in Denmark, and if i´m not remembering completely wrong, then there have been one In Copenhagen 10 years ago (or more). Now I just buy it when I travel.
You can check out their website here if you want to read about it.

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