New Year Eve cake


Happy New year. Yes it´s a little late, but what ever. I had a really great new year eve, with some good friends. For me, that´s the best way to spend NYE. I don´t care much about going out, mainly because there are so many people all over, and firework really isn´t safe, hahaha. Also I live in Denmark, so it´s always freezing on NYE.
Anyway, we all had to bring some different dishes for the dinner and my job was to bring the midnight snack, a cake that in danish is called Kransekage and according to my dictionary, it´s called marzipan ring cake in English. I don´t think it sounds right, but I think that the cake is from scandinavia, so maybe it´s not something, that you can really buy that many places in the world?? BUT, that´s the beauty of it, because then you just have to bake your own. This is a cake that we eat in Denmark at NYE, but also at weddings and events like that.

I decided to bake my own cake for NYE. Yes it is cheaper to buy one and yes it´s WAY easier, BUT, it´s really not that difficult to bake it yourself, and it taste amazing. The main ingredient is marzipan and beside that it´s really only sugar and egg whites. Yes it´s not a healthy cake, but it´s cake, it´s not supposed to be healthy, it´s supposed to taste sweet and delicious. I chose to make my own marzipan, which is also really easy, but it takes time.

To make marzipan you need almonds and some form of sugar. Some form of sugar, can be different kinds of a really sweet mass, you can use syrup or sugar water(sugar dissolved in water).
I went with a recipe from Louisa Lorang,, and I am definitely going to use it again.

I used 500 gram almonds and a little less than 1 1/2 deciliter blond agave syrup.
You start with the almonds that you have to slip.
When you have slipped all the almonds, you put them in the owen for about 5 minutes at 180° C. They are supposed to dry, not to take color or getting burned.
Then you blend the almonds as much as you can. You need a blender or food-processor for this.
Then you mix the almonds with the syrup. The consistency should be such that it exactly hang together, so you may need a little more or less syrup.
You have to put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
I made the marzipan the day before I needed it.
When you make the marzipan ring cake, you need your marzipan and you need egg whites and sugar.

I used a recipe from Mette Blomsterberg to make the cake.
You need:
▪ 500 g. raw marzipan
▪ 200 g. cane sugar
▪ 100 g. egg whites

I used about 600 gram of marzipan instead of 500, which I think worked fine.
Use a electric hand mixer, to stir the egg whites and the cane sugar together. After that, it need to draw for an hour to dissolve the sugar. After an hour, you have to knead the “sugarwhite” together with the marzipan. When it´s all been kneaded together to a very sticky mass, you shape about 16 small breads, each 50 gram, on a piece of baking paper(on a baking sheet). They have to air “dry” 30 minutes. After that they are a little more firm. Put a little water on your fingers, and shape them in the shape you want. Bake them in the oven at 200°C, until they are golden, for about 8-10 minutes. Take them out to cool off. When they are cold, you can put the icing on.

For the icing you need:
▪ 100 g. icing sugar
▪ A little bit of pasteurized egg whites
The icing becomes best it you sift the icing sugar. Use a hand mixer. The icing have to be quite stiff, so that it stays on the cake.
IMG_3788The raw cakes, before shaping.
IMG_3796After shaping.
IMG_3797After baking.
IMG_3802After icing.
IMG_3808In a box, ready to get transported.IMG_3816And also ready to be eaten. Yummy.

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