No more christmas for me this year

I really love christmas. I´m a sucker for all of it. Or maybe not all. I think that presents are a little overrated. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE to get presents, but at christmas it feels more like a task, than a good thing. Like you have to find the perfect thing for everybody, and that´s not easy. Also in Denmark we open the presents on the 24 of december in the evening after the christmas dinner. So it goes like: 17-18: You arrive to the place you are going to spend christmas eve(I was at my mom´s house). 18.30 we eat a pretty large dinner, that most people spend most of the day on making. At 19.30 dessert. 20.30 we dance around the christmas tree (really we just walk around while singing), at 21.00 we open presents, then there is tea, coffee and some kind of sweets, and then it´s all over. Way too fast. I just think, that it´s all too much on one evening. But what to do. My favorite part of the evening is to watch Disney christmas show (That I almost miss out on every year). But still I love, it´s what we always do. The rest of december is also pretty neat. A love all of the decorations, the light, everything.

IMG_3386IMG_3360IMG_3391IMG_3339IMG_3348IMG_3551IMG_3534IMG_3525IMG_3396IMG_3634IMG_3253IMG_3586IMG_3609IMG_3444IMG_3580IMG_3640IMG_3695IMG_3712IMG_3655IMG_3479It´s my random pictures from december. I know, too many pictures, but it´s so hard to choose.

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