Have you seen……

Have you seen the show Orange is the new black? If not, then I think you should give it a go. I think it´s really funny, and a kind of different from a lot of other shows. Also, it´s both for men and women. I´ve have seen the first couple of episodes with my brother, whom also were the one to introduce me to the show.

It´s from summer this year, on it´s first season, of cause, so it´s easy to catch up on. It´s on Netflix. Go watch it. Every episode lasts for about 50-60 minutes, and it´s good. Taylor Schilling have the lead role, I didn´t know her before this, but I think that she is perfect for this role. Besides her, Jason Big (The American pie movies) and Laura Prepon (That ´70s Show) is in the show, and a lot of other people, but they are really the only two that I know who is.

IMG_8832A picture of my breakfast really have NOTHING to do with anything, just wanted to say (and show) how much I truly appreciate the fact, that you can go out in the nature and find blackberries. They look more red in the picture than they did in real life. Oatmeal with blackberries, a wonderful start at my day. Have a great day everybody.

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Strawberry sorbet, with vanilla and lime

IMG_8743Yummy strawberry sorbet, with vanilla and lime. It´s also a little late on the season for this recipe, at least if you live i Denmark like me and you want to make it with fresh Danish strawberries. The Danish strawberries is pretty much on there last breath this summer, but I´m sure that they will return next year. Until then, you can use either strawberries that ain´t from Denmark, frozen strawberries or then I know that you can buy strawberry puree and use. However strawberry puree is often filled with sugar, so you need to know how much sugar there are in it, so that you can put less or nothing in, when you are making the ice cream. However, I don´t know where you can buy it.

But if you have fresh strawberries, then that is after my opinion also the best, and with fresh strawberries, you need:

500 g of strawberries

1 lime (if you prefer lemon, then use that instead)

125 g of cane sugar

1 vanilla pod

Scarpe the vanilla grains out and mix it in a pot with the sugar and 2 dl water. Let it simmer until you have a vanilla syrup. Let it cool down.
Grate the zest of the lime and squeeze it. You might want to chop the peel a little, makes it easier to get it well blended.
Rinse the strawberries, cut them in smaller pieces, and put them in a bowl. Pour the lime juice and the zest over the strawberries, and let it stand for about 30 minutes before you blend it. If you don´t blend it so well, there will be small pieces og the peel in the finished icecream. They can feel a little like very small pieces of plastic or paper, so it´s best to blend it very well. I personally don´t mind it, but it is a bit smoother if you just blend it well.

When the syrup is cold, you have to mix it, with the strawberry puree. Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

When it´s cold, you can put it in your ice machine, or if you don´t have an ice machine you can just put it in the freezer, but then you will have to stir in it with a fork a couple of times the first 1 1/2 hour.IMG_8740IMG_8750

Strawberries is always an essential part of my summer. I love all of the fresh vegetables, fruit and berries of the summer. Remember that the season of blackberries is about to start, and there is lots of places you can find them, even in Copenhagen.

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Oh so delicious Cherry pie

IMG_8378A little over a month ago, I was dogsitting, as I wrote on the blog about 4 days ago. I by the way, wanted to post this a couple of days ago, but that did not happened, so here it is.

When I was dog sitting I stayed in my aunt and Uncles house, and they have a garden whit a cherries tree. When I saw the tree with all of the cherries, there was just hanging on the tree, waiting on being eaten, I knew I had to make something with cherries. So on the day that I drove all the way (about 25 minutes in car) to the airport to pick them up, I decided to bake a pie, so that there would be something delicious to eat, when we got back to the house.

This was the first cherry cake that I have ever baked, but oh my god it was good. The recipe for the shortcrust pastry, is my own recipe, however, it is a recipe that I have created a while ago. It’s only good for dessert pies, because there is vanilla in, but for that, it also works very well.

It’s a quite simple pie to bake, and the baking doesn’t take too long, just remember that the dough have to rest in the fridge for about an hour after making it, before you roll it out and put it in your flan dish.

The shortcrust pastry:

1 egg (the one I used, weighted about 62 g, with the shell 69 g)

1 tsp vanilla sugar

50 g icing sugar

a nip of salt

100 g butter

225 g wheat flour

Mix the wheat flour, the icing sugar, salt, and vanilla sugar. Then you add the soft butter and knead it. Add the egg last, and don’t knead it too much, just enough to make the surface smooth and shiny. Wrap it in cling film, and put it in the fridge for a hour.

When you make the dough, it’s important that it doesn’t stick to your fingers. You have to be able to roll it to a little ball. If your egg is very small, then you should use a little less flour or if the egg is really big, then add some more flour. It’s important for how the dough will turn out. If your egg is really, really big, you might not want to use all of it. If there is too much wheat flour in the dough, it might get really dry after it’s been in the oven.

The filling:

600 g of cherries (I weighted them before removing the cherry stone)

50 g of cane sugar

½ tsp of vanilla sugar or ½ vanilla pod

2 tb marizena

35 g of marzipan (grate it)

The zest of one little organic lemon.

The lemon zest and the marzipan complement each other really well.

Clean the cherries and remove the stones, while the dough is in the fridge. Cut the cherries in half. Mix the Cherries, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, marzipan and marizena in a bowl. If the cherries aren’t so moist, you can add 1-2 tb of water.IMG_8365After one hour in the fridge, take your dough out, and take a smaller amount of the dough and put it aside. You need it to decorate the top with. The rest of it, is going in the flan dish, after you of cause have rolled it out, so that its big and flat and very thin.

Pre-bake the bottom I at 200°C for about 10 minutes in a convection oven. It have to be blind baked (prick the dough with a fork, like on the picture).

After 10 minutes, take out the flan dish with your pie bottom and put in the filling. The left over of the dough is being used on the top of the cake, for decoration.

Bake the pie for 10 minutes at 175°C (convection oven). And then it’s done. Let it cool of a little and then serve it. I served it with sour cream, but I think that vanilla ice cream also could work just fine. IMG_8375IMG_8394IMG_8381By the way, I hope that you still do have some cherries, perhaps in your freezer? I know it would have been better if I had posted this the day after I made it, but that didn’t happened and there is going to be a few really late posts over the next week or so. But you know, better late than never. Sorry.

But happy Monday and have a happy week.

By the way, I wasn’t the only one, who picked the cherries from the tree.IMG_8346

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Long time, no see!!!

IMG_8285I took this Picture of Aller Media-house, at Havneholmen in Copenhagen about a month ago. It´s the glass facade that you can see from Islandsbrygge. I think it looks like it´s floating in the sky, because of the sky´s reflection. 

I haven´t posted anything in a very long time. I just couldn´t decide what excatly I wanted with my blog. There is quite a lot of things that I want to change, but I think that it´s going to take me quite a while, so therefor, i´m going to make the change over time, and hopefully I will figure it all out, soon.

In the time that have passed where I haven´t posted any thing, I have still experimented in my kitchen, and I have especially experimented with new things. Quite a lot of it, did NOT go very well. A few things turned out really bad, but the most of it was just boring and just not good enough.

I did however make a to die for good cherry pie (only if you love cherries, that is)and a good strawberry sorbet with vanilla and lime, cold brewed coffee for Ice coffee, my favorite brownie and a couple of other delicious things. Among the things that did not go very well, was a lot of not very good macaroons. I forgot about the first portion when they were in the oven, they turned out very burned, and so did the second portion. My oven really is the one to blame, not me, hahaha. I did however make the most delicious cherry ice cream with white chocolate and served with tarragon syrup. It was heaven. By the way, I have NEVER heard the word tarragon before. It´s called estragon in Danish, and I really thought it was somewhat more similar on Engish.

By the way, I hope that everybody have had a great summer. I for one, can´t wait for winter to arrive. I really don´t function in this weather. I do like it when it´s hot, but only when I´m out traveling, not at home. The perfect weather in my head, is when it´s just warm enough to cycle without gloves and without freezing your fingers off. Also I prefer skiing vacation any day over summer vacation.

Besides cooking and fucking up every macaroon I have tried to make this summer, then I´ve been dogsitting for my uncle and aunt for a week.

I´ve been taking care of this beauty:IMG_8314IMG_8367Don´t let her cuteness fool you, she is NOT so innocent as she looks like.

On the bottom pic, she is hoping to get some of the food I was cooking. I was baking, and she continued to stare in a very hungry way on the raw dough, she will eat anything. I´m NOT a dog person, sure they are sweet, from a distant, but they smell, and drooling and they are dirty and I´m just not a fan, but you know, you gotta help your family.

Otherwise I have been doing a lot of completely other things, like rowing, and a lot of it. My palms hurts 😦 And I´ve been taking a lot of Pictures. I´m planning to post a Cherry Pie recipe tomorrow, so stay tuned, and please follow, then I promise that I will start posting A Whole LOT MORE.IMG_8247I also took care of these two cutie pies. Them I just adore. So so cute. IMG_8021IMG_8147Mercedes, she isn´t fat, she´s just big boned.IMG_8078IMG_8549IMG_8309IMG_8408I am however a cat person. And this one is one of my favorites. Beautiful Kafka.IMG_8542And this one too. This is Shiva, who is patting the compost heap. She believes that that is what you do to make the compost turns in to soil again. Cats logic.

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Citronfromage // Lemon mousse

IMG_7620Lemon mousse or cream pudding as you can call it, is original a dessert from Northern Italy, but here in Denmark, it´s also a very old favorite. I think that is was very In , in the sixties, but it has been out of the food fashion picture for many years, but now it´s back, and have been for a while now. In my family however, it has always been out. My great grandmother used to make it for my mom, when she was a little girl, every time she came visiting. My great grandmother Marie, always said to my mom that she made it for her, because it was her favorite, though in fact, my mother hated it. So she never made it for me, luckily for me, I can make it myself. I think it taste okay, not my favorite, but I do like it. It´s very much like a mousse, but there is a lot more cream in it. I went with a very easy standard recipe, then you can always add extra, if you want. IMG_7609

For 6 persones

5 sheets of gelatine

3 pasteurized egg yolks

2 1/2 pasteurized egg whites

125 g cane sugar

1 tsp. grated zest (organic)

The juice from about 2 (organic) lemons (1 dl)

2 1/2 dl double cream + possible, some for garnish

IMG_76151. Soak the gelatine and melt it over a water bath.

2. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar in a bowl and add the grated zest and lemon juice. Pour the lukewarm gelatin into the bowl in a thin stream while you whipping. It´s important that the gelatine is the right temperature, that way, it want make lumps in the mousse. If it´s too hot or too cold, it will make lumps. To make the risk or this smaller, then you can sieve the mixture before adding the cream. (I did that, and it worked out fine. gelatine lumps in the mousse, can really ruin the mousse.

3. Whip the cream until it is stiff and turn it in with the mixture. Finally, whip the egg whites completely rigid and turn that in the mixture as well . Put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours.IMG_7617IMG_7618I´m so thrilled that it´s finally getting warmer. I love it. Have a lovely day everybody. Remember sunscreen, the sun can be quite sharp, I’ve already got some sun, even though I use SPF 30 and 50 in the face.

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Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver-Linings-Playbook-poster1If you are planning to go to the movies, any time soon, then do yourself the favor and see Silver Linings Playbook. I saw it friday evening with a good friend of mine. It´s definitely one of the BEST movies, that I have watched in a very long time. I do have a weakness for people who are a little mentally out of balance, makes me feel so home. It really does, a little. Not because I´m mentally troubled, but people who are too “normal” scares me. Also I think they are quite boring. Anyway, it´s amazing acting, from all of the actors. The story is really good and the scenario is just perfect. Also Jennifer Lawrence really earned her Academy Award for best actress in a leading role, that she got for this movie. So go watch it.IMG_7451

IMG_7454Before the movie started, we went out for coffee, but randomly we passed the relatively new Emmerys (a chain of bakeries in Denmark) that is near Vesterport station. They had some kind of “open house” arrangement, so we went in and got free coffee and really really good lemon muffin. So good. Delicious spongy inside and with a slightly caramelized crust. Also free stuff is always good (I´m a student, I can´t help it).IMG_7449The coffee was, buy the way, really good. IMG_7447One of the ting´s I really love about emmerys, beside that their bread is really good, is the fact that they have specialized in organic gourmet bread. I´m a sucker for organic and good quality.IMG_7445Hope you all have a really good sunday. I´m going to go cycling with my mom, home to visit a friend of my mom´s, for coffee(I´m hoping for cake as well). There is about 25 km each way. We are training for a “race” that we participant in the first on juni. It´s according to them self, the biggest cycling race only for women in the world. 112 km. I have never cycled that long before, but I´m almost in shape for it…..I think/hope. The worst part about it, is that you have to wear a helmet. I´m not against that, it´s just the thing that I´m, errrr quite vain. YES, I don´t like to look stupid, so I´m trying to find one that at least look less stupid, than the normal once. Any suggestions?

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Easy & simple pea soup

IMG_7406Pea soup is really easy to make, and the good thing about is, is that you can keep it as simple as you want, or beat it up a nod and make it more fancy. This recipe is very straight forward, fast and easy to make. And it´s also pretty cheap. I would normally use it as a starter, but that´s mostly because I´m not a big fan of eating these kind of soups (these kind=soups that are blended) as a main course. If you use it as a starter, this portion is for about 3-4 persons, as main course only for 2. I did however eat this as a main course with thinly sliced, toasted rye bread.

500 g of peas (use the small once, the big one tends to be kind of mealy.

3 dl of water with broth

1 lime

1 red onion

a clove of garlic

1/2 dl whipping cream

bacon or panchetta

pine nuts (or the kind of nuts you prefer)

a little olive oil

IMG_7425Start with cutting the onion and garlic, and fry it in a pot in olive oil. Star with the onion and fry until it´s glass clear and then add the garlic and fry a little more. Then you add the peas and let them fry for about 2-4 minutes. and the broth water and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. After that, you blend it (I think it´s easiest to use a hand blender). If you serve it with pine nuts and bacon or panchetta then fry it now. Start with the pine nuts. Also roast your bread now. In the mean time, add the cream and the lime to your soup, warm it very quickly and serve the soup with bacon/panchetta, nuts and some bread. I also served it with a little creme fraise on the top, but you can easily do without. IMG_7413I prefer rye bread over white bread, but make sure to buy some really good bread from a good bakery and not some from the supermarket. I used pumpkin rye bread. IMG_7407Blend the soup good through, so it becomes soft and creamy.IMG_7400Do NOT try to use lemon instead of lime. I did that once, where I was out of lime, it it does not give the same kind of acid to the soup. I think it becomes too sweet then. The lime gives it a more fresh edge.

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Family birthdays

IMG_7337I consider my self, for being quite lucky, when it comes to family. I think that I have a pretty big family. Not like insanely big, but pretty big. And by december there will be two new family members joining.

The both up and down side about having a big family, is that there often is family birthdays. Sunday I was out with my grandma and the rest of my moms family to have lunch, because my grandma turned 76. We was eating lunch at Rungsted havn(a harbor north from Copenhagen). IMG_7339My lunch: Scallop and prawns in pea puree and teriyaki sauce. It was soooo good. I´m a huge fan of seafood, especially mussels and that sort of seafood. IMG_7341IMG_7343IMG_7344I´ve always lived really close to the ocean, And when I was younger, my mom´s ex- husband had  a boat. He actually still does, but we used to sail in it, in the weekends, when they were together, so I used to go sailing a lot more, than what I do now. I still go sailing with him sometimes though. I have a strange hate/love relation with the sea. I´m terrified for sharks. And yes they are really dangerous, but we don´t really have any sharks in Denmark, so my fear is kind of stupid. I don´t like that I can´t see what´s in the water, but I´m also fascinated by it. Anyway, I love it. When I was a child, we have a huge boat in my dad´s garden. He wanted to renovate it and then sail around the world. It never really happened, though it could have been fun, but probably also really hard. IMG_7363Yesterday my cousin Jacob turned 15, so I went to his 15 years evening birthday with cake, coffee and wine. He baked these cakes him self. For a 15 year old boy, I gotta say that he is awesome in a kitchen. These are small mazarin cakes. They were really delicious. IMG_7364IMG_7365And my aunt made these really delicious orange, carrot cakes. IMG_7385With whipped cream with ginger in it. So good. I have to get the recipe for both and try to bake them myself, soon.IMG_7371And she baked good birthday bread buns with butter and strawberry/champagne marmalade, yummy. IMG_7374And their cute dog, Fleurie. She is named after a wine district in france. Very fancy. IMG_7359And raspberry soda.

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Chocolate goodies

IMG_7326At easter I experimented a bit, but a lot of it never came up on the blog. A while ago I decided to use the rest of sweet goodies from easter, and these hazelnuts covered with nougat and chocolate and sprinkled with a little organic orange peel, was one of the goodies, that I ended up with.

I think that I might have mentioned this before, But I love hazelnuts. They are one of my absolutely favorite foods to eat. Though it have to be the one that you crack your self. The once you buy, where they are already cracked, are almost always small, and kind of dry and often they are also bitter. That, I do NOT like. The once you crack yourself are bigger, and more juicy and not bitter at all. I ONLY use them, though it is a little irritating, that you have to use time with cracking them, but the good thing is, that you may not, eat as many. Nuts is healthy, but with everything else, then only in moderate amounts. IMG_7319

These are very simple to make, but I don´t have the exact amounts of any of the things that I used, or any thing close to that, but it really isn´t necessary.

1 bag of un-peeled hazelnuts


Dark Chocolate

1 organic orange

The orange have to be organic, so that you can use the peel. Also chose a good chocolate. I used Manjari 64% cocoa from Valrhona. Also, always use good produce. I used a organic nougat, that only contains organic raw sugar, organic hazelnuts, organic cocoa mass and cocoa butter. It´s from Økoladen, but you can also buy it in Irma and maybe other places. But it´s really really good. I really prefer to buy less, but buy better products.

I started with putting the hazelnuts in the oven for about 5-10 minutes at 200°C, to get the peel of. But you can also leave it on, if you prefer. Then covered the in nougat. Keep the nougat in the fridge, before use. Otherwise it will get warm and way too sticky and impossible to get to stick on anything other than your fingers. Then put them back in the fridge for 30 minutes. Just so that the nougat is cold and don´t stick to your fingers. Then temper your chocolate and roll the nuts in the chocolate and sprinkle with orange peel before the chocolate stiffens, so that it can stick on. And then you have hazelnuts chocolate goodies. IMG_7336To be honest, then I think this is way more christmas bonbons, but I didn´t want to keep the nougat until christmas and didn´t know what else to use it for, also I would just have eaten it raw, if it had to stay in my fridge for that long. Then again, I also love to eat ice cream in the middle of winter. Who cares about seasons anyway.

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The everyday lovely small things and mostly cake.

IMG_4674I was looking through all of my pictures and found quite a lot of pictures, that I at the event took to put on the blog, only to later on forget all about them. This is a picture from the 2 or 3 february, when my moms husband had a birthday party. My mom had made three different birthday cakes, this one is one with chocolate ganache. I´m thinking about making something similarly for my own birthday next month. IMG_4668I think the one in the middle is with blueberries. IMG_4664I was still wearing 2 pairs of socks. The thick red/pink wool socks is a pair my grandma made for me. IMG_4653And for some reason I also took a picture of the sand, that day. I love the shadows in the sand. IMG_5938I also ate cake with a friend of mine.IMG_7291And I tried to make flødeboller (Cream buns???) for the third time. And I failed again, again, again. But the bottoms are very good.IMG_7274I made fudge with licorice and white chocolate (It will get on the blog soon).IMG_7314And yesterday I went out with two of my friends (whom I study with) to eat cake, talk and shop(I only bought cake and coffee). By the way, then this was a REALLY GOOD cake. We went to Hotel Chocolat, which is not really a hotel, but it is a good place to buy chocolate. This was a cake with nuts(hazel nuts) and chocolate ganache on the top. Very delicious. I love cakes with a bottom or a dough filled with nuts.

Have a really good weekend everybody.

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